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    With the lockdown and lack of racing last year only 1 great result to add to the list and a new name -Michelle Williams 3rd in the over 50’s in the National Hill Climb

    1st Marc Chamberlain 2015 National MTB champs-Vets
    1st Jody Crawforth 2000 National MTB Espoirs Points Series
    1st Jackie Roberts 2003 National MTB Veterans Champion
    1st Jackie Roberts 2004 National MTB Veterans Champion
    1st Martin Delves 2009 National MTB Sports Champion
    1st Karen Campbell 1999 National Sports MTB Champion
    1st Paul Crook LVRC National Crit Champion 2013
    1st Martin Delves 2nd Rnd National Series-Sports-2009
    1st Steve Tebbett/James Poole 24/12 24HR Male Pairs 2010
    1st K Campbell,V Tuley, Jo & Rebecca Ladies Sports team Red Bull 24 hr 1999.
    1st C.Denman,C.Evans,D.Nelson & M.Fuller Vets Team Red Bull 24 hr 2001
    1st C.Denman,D.Nelson,S.Jones & Andy Cracknell Vets/Sports SIS 24HR 2003
    1st C.Denman,Ben Tisdall,Clive Evans,Vaughan Smith 12/24hr vets 2007
    1st C.Denman,BenTisdall,Al Hainsworth,Mick Fuller,Al Parkinson 12/24hr vets 2008
    1st C.Denman,J. Pierce,R.Jackson,M.Craner&C.Evans 12/24hr vets 2011
    1st C.Donovan 24/12 -12hr Vets solo 2011
    1st Colin Smith vets solo 12/24hr 2008
    1st David Oakley 1998 Divisional Road Champs
    1st Aaron McCafffery 2000 Divisional Road Champs
    1st Nicole David 2002 Kona Enduro-Elite
    1st Ian Longville Bristol Bike Fest solo 12 hr 2011
    1st Chris Denman 2002 Kona Enduro -Vets
    1st Chris Denman 1995 Southern X country series -Masters
    1st Rachael Denman 2004 Southern X country series -Under 12′s
    1st Jon Greaves 2004 Southern X country series -Novice
    1st Nik Evans 2003 Southern X country series -Junior
    1st Dom Stewart 1998 Circuito Copaladi Spain- Seniors
    1st Chris Denman 1998 Circuito Copaladi Spain – Masters
    1st Sam Phiillips 2004 Beastway Series-Vets
    1st Sam Phillips 2005 Beastway Series-Vets
    1st Jackie Roberts 2005 Southern X Series-Supermasters
    1st Viv Hazelton 2005 Southern X Series- Grand Vets
    1st J.Roberts,Liz Ward & Viv HazeltonTeam challenge 2006
    1st Sam Phiillips 2006 Beastway Series-Vets
    1st Rachael Denman 2006 Southern Series-Youth 1 lap
    1st Hannah Shelley 2006 Southern Series -Junior
    1st Overall Southern XC series 2008-Youth girls Rachael Denman
    1st Overall Southern XC series 2008-Juvenile Boys- Martin Turton
    1st C.Denman,BenTisdall,Mick Fuller,Paul Crook&Adrian Parry12/24hr vets 2009
    1st Colin Smith vets solo 12/24hr 2009
    1st Malin Tindberg/James Poole 12/24hr pairs 2009
    1st Rachael Denman-Overall Southern XC series 2009-Youth girls
    1st Martin Delves Overall Southern XC series 2009- Sports
    1st Martin Turton Overall Southern XC series 2009-Youth Boys
    1st Rob Jackson Southern XC Series 2011-Grd Vets
    1st Roy Sheppard-London Single Speed Champion 2011
    1st Rob Jackson Southern XC Champion 2011-Grd Vets
    1st Rob Jackson Southern XC Champion 2012-Grd Vets
    1st George Fowkes Southern XC Series 2016 -U/12s
    1st Sam Edwards Southerns XC series -Experts
    2nd Karen Campbell 1999 National Points Series -Sports
    2nd Pete Smith 2000 National Cyclo Cross Trophy Series- Vets
    2nd Dave Nelson 2003 National X Country -Vets
    2nd Lynsey Denman 2004 Southern X series -Juvenile
    2nd B.Tisdall,C.Denman,C.Evans & S Phillips 2005 Mountain Mayhem Vets
    2nd Neil Ellison Central cross league overall 2016-7-Seniors
    2nd Gerald Tudor 2005 Southern X series -Sports
    2nd Chris Denman Central Cross Championships O/60’s 2020
    3rd Tim Smith 2003 National 25 Mile time trial Champs -Juniors
    3rd C.Denman,J.Emery,D.Stewart&J.McConnel 1998 Red Bull 24hr-Pro/Elite
    3rd C.Denman,B.Tisdall,A.Hainsworth,M.Fuller,Al Parkinson12/24hr open 2008
    3rd C.Denman,J. Pierce,R.Jackson,M.Craner &C.Evans 12/24hr Open 2011
    3rd C.Denman,N.Ellison,C.Evans& R Sheppard Malviennes Folie 24hr France (4) 2012
    3rd Rob Jackson 2012 National Points Series -Grd Vets
    3rd Roger Fowkes Southern Series 2016-Vets
    3rd Gosia Macpherson Sothern XC series 2017 Vets
    3rd Neil Ellison 2nd RND Nat CX Points series 2017-Vets
    3rd Michelle Williams 2020 Nat Hill Climb over 50’s
    4th Isaac Pucci National Cross Country 2012- Juniors
    5th C.Denman, D.Stewart, J.McConnell & J Emery 1999 Red Bull 24hr-Pro/Elite
    6th Werner Van Der Meure Tour of Poland MTB 2011

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