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  • Will Blackham
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    Hi All,

    We’ve been discussing a potential name change to the club and I’ve put a poll up on the club’s FB page. Please have a read and vote! πŸ™‚



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    It is interesting that a number of people are expressing their view on the club name on the poll which has been West Drayton Mountain Bike Club since the launch of the club in 1989, the idea about a club name change has been mooted previously because as we all know the club’s much more than an MTB club, activities this week have included a social at the pub, a road training session a social MTB ride and a cross training session with a gravel/cross ride planned for this Sunday .
    To address a couple of points raised in it – Gavin Douglas you mention that the club is just about racing, remind me did you not come out on a social ride a couple of weeks ago which everyone was happy to wait for you as it was billed as a social ride.Social MTB rides occur at least once a week.
    A subtle change of name would be acceptable to me, the decision is as to what, velo club West Drayton, West Drayton CC , West Drayton BC, why change the name of the club from West Drayton to West London CC or any other idea, we were based in West Drayton when we formed,the majority of the rides start a stones throw from West Drayton. Also the demgraphic make up of those living in West Drayton is and will change with HS2 and with the extra housing presumably there will be potential new members
    If club people put some effort into publicising the club perhaps we would attract the potential new members out there in order for the there to be sufficient numbers for there to be at least 2 ability groups so that everyone feels they have had a good ride what ever that means to them.
    If there was a subtle change of club name, it would only mean a subtle change to the current kit and anyone wearing the old kit would still be instantly recognisable as being a member and thus the individual cost to the established members would be minimal.
    It will be interesting to see who if the name changes goes through will take on the admin work to change things on the BC site, change bank details, update the website, produce flyers, etc
    As far as I can recall only 2 people have organised rides over this year apart from myself, if the rides I am not advertising are not your cup of tea why not someone else post up some rides or send me the details so I can put them in the weekly club news ?
    Anyway as no one else has posted up anything for the weekend, my plan is to meet at the Malt Shovel at 9.30 for a steady Gravel/Cross ride which will be suitable for hardtail/Cross/Gravel bikes, the ride will be approx 3hrs long, the ride will not be suitable for beginners but everyone should be ok, the fast boys/girls can stretch their legs on the climb and then we can regroup at the top .

    PS The club AGM is on the 30th Nov at the Specialized Concept Store where the results of the Poll will be considered.

    PPS Dont forget to pay for your Xmas tickets

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    Guys and girls

    The possible change of club name and at this stage it is just a possibility has got a lot of people expressing an opinion, some publicly on Facebook some out of the public arena.

    Traditionally road cycling clubs were just that, road or Time trial biased, however when the club was formed and from a racing team that was racing Mountain Bikes the decision was made to call the club after the geographical location of the club and mountain bike club as this was the main interest for those who were in the club at its inception.

    At the time there were a number of established clubs in the local area-Team Quest, Willesden CC, Hounslow and Dist wheelers, Westerley RC Twickenham CC, Feltham CC, Kenton Road Club, High Wycombe CC, Bath Road Club, Middx Road Club and the Hillingdon CC.

    Some close to 30 years later if I go through the list of the above clubs, Team Quest have more less folded, as have the Feltham CC, the Bath RC, Hillingdon CC and Kenton RC only have a few active members , the Hounslow and Dist wheelerxs and Westerley RC are certainly not the force they used to be and I think it s fair to say only the Willesden and the High Wycombe are as strong or similar to the numbers and presence that they used to be.

    A few new clubs have popped up, someone mentioned SD racing other clubs have also popped up Marlow CC, Amersham RC and I believe there is a club in Beaconsfield

    Will these clubs still be here in 30 years time? What do they do to promote cycle sport? Do they promote road races/Time trtials/MTB races/Sportives ?

    If these clubs are booming then they are only boomimg in numbers not in racing results from what I see at Hillingdon on a weekly basis

    If you look at the amount of events we as a club promote and the results we have achieved certainly off road in both cross and MTB events both this season and in the past it is pretty impressive. If you look at our previous road results they are also pretty impressive.

    Please tell me what other local club can run a road tour and get 24 riders wanting to come

    Looking at memberships the club membership is healthy and has been for a number of years.

    Cycling has had a boom in the recent years, however if you look a the number of riders in road racing, Time trialling , MTBiking and sportivers numbers are decreasing , this can be borne out by the figures from British Cycling and Cycle Time trials

    The facts are that we have enough riders to potentially be able to run both an MTB ride and a Road ride at the weekend and with different ability groups .

    A change of name might assist in attracting a few new members but equally may put some people off as road cycling is often associated with Lycra and racing, those that have been in the club for some time know that generally people have migrated with time to enjoy both road and MTB even if they were anti road in the initial joining of the club.

    A few people seem to think that a change of name will suddenly give them more people to ride with, this may or may not happen, in terms of numbers with approx 100 riders I feel that the effort should be to find out the reason why these people will not come out on an intermediate ride, is it that no one will lead/post these rides up, if that is the case why will this apathy change by way of a change of name.

    If we do attract more riders have we got the volunteers to lead easy rides, I don’t mind doing it but not on a regular occurrence.

    In this discussion people have suggested that the club website in not geared to attracting new members , I personally feel that although the current website is very visual it does not give the true impression of the club and that it could be more intuitive.

    I am sure Paul Williams who we owe a great deal of gratitude our webmaster would welcome some help and constructive feedback and content to improve this.

    Also we now have 2 facebook pages which just means the impact of both is diluted, this needs to be sorted out

    In terms of the pros of changing the club name

    The advantage would be that it would reflect more the current activities of the club (however a little bit of research would do this anyway)

    This may assist those looking for more riding partners of their ability

    The disadvantages

    The change of name would require a re design of the club kit at the expense to everyone who already has club kit, although the change in design of the jersey would be subtle the change in the design of the shorts would be major.

    Banking details would need to be changed.

    We are registered with BC and CTT as WDMBC this will need to be changed or the club re-registered at extra cost .

    Website domian names would require changing.

    I am sure there will be other admin tasks that will be required

    One suggestion that has come up is that the club name remains WDMBC however the websites and face book pages/publicity are changed to West Drayton Cycling or something similar

    If this was done , someone produced new flyers for the club, one new face book page and a revamp of the clubs websies then if we got some volunteers to organise beginners/intermediate rides we could run a publicity campaign perhaps waiting for warmer weather to see what effect this has If it is successful then a full name change could be considered at a future date

    So food fro though and lets discuss this at the AGM on the 30th November

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    I can’t make the AGM this year. Personally, I am not bothered about a name change at all. As soley a mountain biker at the time, this is what was the appeal of joining the club in the first place “MBC”. On the forum I was trying to make a suggestion based upon what I thought would attract most members (maximise membership) of which I was under the impression there was a big drive to do.

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    With respect to the Facebook pages; one is a Closed Group, a discussion forum open to all members of the group which is really useful. (We can all post up, photos, vids and other club business, have a say, put in 2 pence worht, ideas, general club chat).
    The other is like an “Official Site”, open to only Adminsistrators to post up. Useful for official Club announcements and the official line on club business / mainly offered by The Cub Chairman.
    One thing to consider is that we have a lot of interest on the facebook pages and it would be great to encourage people to actually pull the wallet out, pay the sub and join the club and get out to ride with us!

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    Thanks for the response Darren, as you are the only person to respond on the club forum where really the comments about the club name should be posted I do wonder if there is a real backing for the name to be changed .
    In terms of club membership personally I would like to see the club membership stay constant around the 100 mark which is a manageable number but of those 100 the great magority become active and attend rides be it road or MTB. If just 40% of the members attended a weekly ride we would easily be able to run 2 ability group rides.
    So those who are members why not post up ideas of ways of getting the current members out, if we can get 24 people to commit to a road tour in June and a similar number who either raced or helped out at the Night Race we should be able to get a similar number out for a club ride.
    Also hopefully with the regular road training sessions at Hillingdon (although how long they will continue with the winter approaching) and non members attending hopefully we can encourage a few of them and those that have commented on the facebook page to take the leap and join.
    Then we can achieve the aim of having more riders on an intermediate road ride.

    Will Blackham
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    Agree with that Chris, of the 100 approx members we have there are probably less that 20% that ever come out on club rides….

    It’d be good to hear from them about what might tempt them out! πŸ™‚

    Personally I think Facebook is a great media for discussion, as people don’t always seem to check on here.
    Apologies if I upset anyone by posting on Facebook, it was just a method to promote discussion of something we’d already agreed to do at the club night!
    Interestingly the poll currently sits at about 50/50 on a name change.

    Maybe we could put a possible name change on the back burner until we understand why the silent members are not coming out?
    I think it would be nice for them to say why that is. It sounds like you’ve heard from some already.

    Hopefully we’ll get a good turn out for the AGM and those who can’t make it in person will make their feelings known πŸ™‚

    Back under the rock for me! πŸ˜€

    nick parfitt
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    i say keep the name as changing it to wdcc that will just be like any other cycling club in london wdmbc is different and we are not just a road cycling club we are mtb too, it started out as amtb club and still is majority of it anyway as u all know i go over surrey hills quite a bit and swinley i post up when i can

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    It is interesting that if you take out the non members out of the poll on facebook and it is clear they can not decide on a decision for the club although their comments can be considered, that the majority of the paid up members who have voted wish to keep the club name the same although still close.

    Can discuss further at the AGM however looking at this weeks activities, a good turnout for he road training at Hlllingdon, a few less for the cross training and then in dribs and drabs 9 people at The Look Out ,

    Sunday I am busy so didn’t post any ride up for Sunday and only 1 person has enquired about a road ride and a couple of people are intending to do The Look Out , a few people are racing cross but that still leaves about 80 members unaccounted for , what ride woould appeal to them?

    If your one of those why not let me know what ride you are after at the weekend?

    • This reply was modified 7 months, 4 weeks ago by  chris.
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    I can’t see the points made on Facebook, or vote.
    I remain to be convinced of any benifits to changing the name of the club.

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    Once again many great point’s so perhaps try a different tack, bearing in mind its nearly time to renew our yearly Membership’s why not mail out a Questionaire of sorts to ask what it is that people are looking for in a ride out/their Bike Club? What appeals to them? different routes/pace/company. Do they want more road based/MTB based/Crosser based rides. Do they want to stop for coffee/cake/ a Full English/ a few pints/all of the above!?!

    As with any Club the “Usual Suspects” will always do their bit and keep it running for the majority (Thats just the way it is) but Clubs/people evolve, jobs/location/family life etc etc change.

    Lets not forget what bought us to WDMBC in the first place the Love of 2 wheels, that being said lets all do our bit no matter how small that may seem to keep WDMBC moving forward and appealing the way it did to us originally to both our fellow Members and prospective Members alike.

    As Chris has said if you’re going out why not post up, I know sometimes it might be last minute but what is there to lose? Maybe another Member will join you maybe not. If you’re only able to make the odd ride every Month why not make it one of the Social rides that do have a coffee stop. If you are an out and out racer Boy/Girl why not try making a training ride and joining a group to see how really good you are?

    Either way have an input, have a say, get involved maybe a little maybe alot.
    Most Importantly IMO just get out & ride & wave at fellow riders as you pass them.

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    Great idea Matt and so eloquently put. A questionnaire sounds like a positive way of finding out what the members really want from the club. So to take this idea forwards,as it is club night next Monday, lets meet up at an earlier time of 7.30pm at The Crown. Yes Henry, more drinking time! Anyone who wants an input is welcome.

    Will Blackham
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    Nice one Matt πŸ™‚

    Sounds like a good idea Nige about meeting at 7 on Monday

    Chris, are you ok to put something on the Whatsapp/FB groups letting everyone know?

    I’m happy to do it, but also keen not upset anyone! πŸ˜€

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    Crack on Will-cheers

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    As many of you will know I’ve decided to withdrawl from all club dealings for the foreseable future, for reasons that I won’t go into here, however I am still a member of the club and for the last 5 years have probably been the club member that puts most back into the club after Chris, so I think my thoughts need to be said.

    We’re a bit different to most clubs, as not only do we run events, but we have provide training and have riders who race for the club, and we also have a social side running rides and trips.

    In the last year we’ve ran:-

    2 XC races
    1 road sportive
    1 Off-Road sportive
    A Criterion series
    A hill climb (WLC Series)
    A Coast-to-coat MTB trip
    An Alps road trip
    A trip to the Liege-Bastion-Liege sportive
    A French MTB Sportive trip
    Various trips to major Road or MTB races/events.
    Weekly road and Mountain bike training session.
    Numerous road and mountain bike rides

    Looking at other clubs they don’t have such a wide and varied program.

    We are and always have been a general cycling club, I would suggest that nearly 90% of our membership have both Road and MTB bikes, even Paul Williams has been seen on a mountain bike. If people really are choosing a bike club on the name, then the question should be do we really want them in the club anyway?
    The whole MTB vs Roadie label thing is complete b******s, if you not prepared to help at out at a club MTB event because your a roadie, or vice versa then you’re a pretty sad individual.

    A club is about the people who make it, events and rides can only take place if people are prepared to help out. I would say that over the last couple of years 90% of rides have been proposed by myself or Chris. We then feel obliged to to turn up and lead these rides, which not only puts a lot of pressure on us, but also isn’t sustainable. Whilst myself, and I’m sure Chris feels the same, don’t mind leading rides, occasionally we just want to relax and be a sheep as well. What makes it worse is that the some people don’t seem to mind leading rides for their own clique, but don’t open these out to the wider club. If we had more people who would step up to plate then its easier to organise multiple groups in a ride at different paces. In the past, it would be regular thing on a Social MTB ride to split in fast and not so fast groups and all meet up at the end.

    I’d say the one thing that we aren’t is a leisure riding club, e.g. doing 8km on hybrids, however I feel that we have a undeserved reputation of not being “novice” friendly. I say undeserved because we have had people join and then improve as riders. There are several people who probably would have described themselves as leisure cyclists when they joined but then last year completed a strenuous tour of Northern Spain, which would have probably been beyond the ability of most people. There are some others who originally struggled on a social rides and are now riding national series events. Even on my first West Drayton social ride I was pushing up the dips on Shires Lane and that was riding with Paul Buckland. I will say that when I first stumbled across the website it did take me a year to decide to join the club because the website had a big picture of 50 people all in club gear at a race event, and sometimes the club weekly update does seem to be purely racing/training focused.

    So in terms of a name change, I think that is just ‘re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic’ and won’t achieve anything. It does mean a lot of effort and expense, changing kit, changing paperwork, domain registration (if available) and not to mention the loss of well known (in cycling cycles) ‘brand’. I would say that over 50% of the membership live outside of the M25 and we do 99% of our riding outside of London, so is West London correct? No. As said above does it really matter if you a roadie or a mountain biker, West Drayton MBC is just a ‘Brand’. If people really think its important we could say it standards for West Drayton multi-sport biking club, hell we even accept tri-athletes and BMX riders.

    If we want to attact new members IMHO what needs to change is:-

    1.) Website and communications needs to be re-jigged to show that we have both a training/racing and social element to the club.

    2.) More people need to get involved. Whether it’s leading a ride, posting events that may be of interest to people, and assisting with club events.

    3.) Define some club guidelines for what makes a social, pacey or training ride and label rides according to the category. If you’re on a social ride leave the Testosterone at home or be prepared to lead a faster group, similarly if your on a training ride/session MTFU and push it, or make sure you know how to get home.

    4.) People are like sheep, if events/rides are well attended and are inclusive we will attact new members, however if cliques and private riding groups form, club rides will die.

    5.) Communication channels need to be improved, having to post on Whatsapp, fB, website etc is a burden. Some members may not use FB or Whatsapp.

    6.) People need to remember its a club, none of us get paid for this. People put a lot of their time and effort into organising things that will appeal to the majority of the membership, and not everything is going to suit everyone. If you don’t like it, rather than whinging, volunteer to organise it yourself next time.

    As I will not be attending the AGM, my proxy vote will be submitted to Chris.

    I wish the Club well in the future, and a Merry Xmas to everyone.

    Note: No “they’re are all good points” type bullshit replies are needed.

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