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    There are some possible short cuts that could be put in..

    Day 1 – miss the Superbesse climb and go straight down the main road – saves 8miles & 300m ascent
    Day 2 – follow the N122 into aurillac (main road) – saves 11 miles & 350m ascent
    Day 3 – Stay in the valley at Grand Vabre – saves 3.5miles & 300m of ascent
    Day 4 – it only 54miles as the crow flies, but 95miles by road – no options to shortcut due the the twisting nature of the road, this was the shoerts i could feasibly make it unless you just followed the main N road (72miles)
    Day 5 – Again no options to short cut
    Day 6 – no options to short cut but only 68 miles
    Day 7 – 82miles no short cuts (more details to follow)

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    Kasia and I would like to go this year. However, now it is my brother who is getting married (Not me btw!) on the 22nd of June. Can we squeeze this trip in after the first weekend (for Simon Slater) but before the 22nd please? It is definately June you are looking at I’m assuming?

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    I’d love to come please :)
    Any time in June is Ok at the moment but could do with knowing the exact dates asap to book it up

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    Ok so far we have the following Looks a tough trip bit hopefully although the mileages are slightly up on this year the climbs are generally not so bad

    Those interested
    Paul M
    11 spots to go!

    Unfortunately date wise it is looking like it has to be the W/C 4th June.

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